Locked down?

During the current pandemic, many of us are confined to home. I'm gathering together a  set of links to sites that may help: from official government sites with information about the virus and how to cope, to educational resources that may make the time pass quicker.

There's not much here at present, so your help is needed! Please let me know about other resources that might help others, by emailing webmaster@gransdens.org.

Local Support

The BlueBell Benefice (which covers the episcopal parishes of Abbotsley, Waresley, and Little and Great Gransden) has set up the Bluebell-19 support group, with the website bluebell19.gransdens.org. Visit it if you are needing help, or are able to offer help!

UK government and NHS sites about Covid-19

  • Bourn Surgery updated their advisory on COVID-19 on March 29 with information about how best to ask for, collect and pay for prescriptions

  • The home page of Greensands Medical Practice has information about their response to Covid-19, including the handling of prescriptions
There are a large number of other sites with information about Covid-19, but too many of them contain misinformation (deliberately or otherwise); in general, steer clear!